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We customize garments which, produce sensations of great comfort and assurance considerably increasing their service life, and that even withstand better the passing of time.


Exquisuits makes all their garments combining high technology with hand-made work carried out by highly qualified tailors.

We provide great commitment to each garment, keeping special attention to “creating the volumes” that guarantee a perfect fit to each customer’s anatomy.

The result are suits with “duende”, garments with a genuine European style that produce very pleasant “sensations” to our customers.


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We apply a work methodology where each suit is designed according to client’s anatomy and volumes, taking care of details in order to achieve a perfect fit of the garment.

The work carried out this way produces sensations of great comfort and assurance, considerably increasing the service life of the garments. They even withstand better the passing of time, which is estimated in a 10-15 years average.

  • In a suit worn by us, the cut, height of pockets and lapels are designed according to each customer’s anatomy.
  • Jacket volumes are worked so that they adapt and perfectly fit perfectly to each customer.
  • The most flattering shoulders width and length are suggested.
  • Sewing in certain areas is carried out with special more elastic threads, which eventually leads to a better fit as “skin gloves”.
  • Shoulders, waist and shoulder blades are worked with iron at the exact points of the body to wear.
  • Shoulders and top of sleeves are made with more cloth entering that got by machines for a better fit.
  • Interlinings are hand-basted, keeping them separated from the fabric, which provides a greater elasticity to the garment, avoiding the stuck interlinings rigidity.
  • As for the fabrics, linings, interlinings and trims, we always use maximum quality materials.