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Exquisuits custom made suits Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

– Our tailors contact every customer to carry on a personalized study of his morphology in order to achieve a perfect fit of your garment.

– If the product does not respond to the expected quality, we would refund the full amount of your purchase.

– If your suit needs any adjustment, we cover the cost of the alterations in your local tailor.

Note: The money back guarantee is valid for our premium suits. Visit here all the details of our guarantee here


In the following lines we present you additional information and help in a question-answer format. If you like to receive further information please contact us via the online chat, e-mail or contact form, and we will answer you asap.

About Exquisuits and Service
High End Sartorial Experience
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Fabrics, Product and Clothing
Proverbial Quality and Total Custom Made Personalization

About Measurements
Variety of Systems and Simplicity

About delivery times and terms
Free delivery in 4 weeks

About Alterations and Exquisuits Guarantee
We offer Exact Fit Guarantee in your garments

About Payments and Pricing
Best Quality Price Relationship


What elements of differentiation can Exquisuits offer me?
Exquisuits is a business designed from an extensive high end sartorial experience of its creators, which offers you proverbial quality garments combining hand-made work and high technology tailoring, with style advicing, maximum level of online customization and the best relation quality price. More information in About us.
Does Exquisuits offer customer attention by phone?
Yes. We are at your disposal through our number (+34) 944 914 137 from monday to friday. From 9:00 to 13:30 h and from 16:30 a 19:30 h (Timezone from Spain).
Can you advice me about the style that can best suit me?
Yes. Without doubt image advising is one of our strengths. Please tell us the sort of garment and style you are looking for, and we will suggest you fabric possibilities, customization and style options and colours that will go best with your anatomy features and style needs.
Can I chat in real time with Exquisuits style advisors?
Yes. In the inferior left corner of the web you can find an online chat widget at your disposal to contact our style advisors and solve your questions in real time. Click Here to launch the chat.
What service does Exquisuits offer me?
Our online tailoring service enables you to avoid uncomfortable displacements and fittings. For all of our customers we create patterns so we can make new garments with your measurements. Receive online style advising, order fabric samples and configure your suit online in just a few minutes.
¿Can I be received presentially in Exquisuits showroom?
If you want a personal attention in the traditional style, we can receive your in our showroom in Bilbao. It is required to make an appointment so you can contact us via phone (+34) 944 914 137 or via contact form.


¿What sort of fabrics does Exquisuits offer?
Exquisuits offers a great selection of fabrics, starting from great quality national fabrics to the most exclusive fabrics of the most prestigious british and italian brands like Dormeuil, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Zegna, Loro Piana, etc…
Can I order fabric samples?
Yes. In our Sample / fabrics page, you can ask for fabric samples.
Why is it recommended to order fabric samples?
Each screen has a specific light and colour configuration, which can produce a different visualization of fabric photos. Thus, if you want to make sure of the exact hue and thickness of a fabric, we invite you to order the sample. We do not admit posterior complaints because of different colours due to screen visualization.
Have fabric samples cost associated?
Yes. Fabric samples have a cost that the system will indicate after selecting them. Nevertheless, we refund the cost of them if you place your order in a month period time after delivering them.
How are your custom suits and garments manufactured?
Exquisuits designs the cut of each suit specifically for each customer. Then, garments are manufactured by qualified tailors combining hand-made work with technological tailoring. The result are garments and suits that when worn “produce sensations” of great comfortability and security. To know more of our proverbial quality here.
Where are your custom suits and garments manufactured?
Our premium collections (British Cut and luxury) are completely manufactured in Europe. Our Basic collections (Manager’s and Ceremony) are manufactured in our workshop of Asia. Regardless of origin, all our products are manufactured with highest quality standards.
Have the collections of suits and jackets with special prices the same manufacturing quality than regular collections?
Yes. Our standards of quality and manufacturing are the same. The promotional character comes determined by concrete fabrics.
Does Exquisuits sells standard sizes or uniquely custom made garments? what sort of configurations do you work for?
We don’t sell sizes. We only work custom tailoring for our clients. We make garments for all sort of configurations. If you usually experiment problems with clothes, or have a special size, contact with us and we will study your concrete case.
What customization options does Exquisuits offer me?
The customization of your suits is only limited by your imagination, being able to customize the style, line and cut of your suit, jacket or other details as collar, lapels, pockets, lining colour, thread or buttonholes… and include your initials in the suit.
Can I ask for customization options that I have not found in the website?
Yes. If you wish a special element in your suit you can contact us and comment it with our tailors.
What width of lapels does Exquisuits make?
We study the desired style of suit and customer features to give a specific width to his lapels.
How can I customize my suit in the web?
Exquisuits offers you a simple and intuitive online configurator which enables you to create the suit or garment to your style. First, select the fabric, then the style of cut and finally, customize details. It is comfortable and intuitive. More information about how it works here.
Can I save the features of a design and continue it in other moment to do modifications?
Yes. We offer you a save button to keep your designs and continue them in other moment, when possible for you. To do that you should create a registered customer account.
Can a same customer profile store different measurements?
No. If you want to order for different people, each one should create a registered account with its associated tailoring profile.
Can I buy without being registered?
Yes. Now you can buy without being registered.


Is it true that I have only take measurements the first time?
Yes. You only need to take measurements the first time because for each customer we create patterns, which enable us to obtain new garments with your measurements, so once you ordered with us the first time, it will be very comfortable and easy for you to repeat.
What measurement systems do you offer me?
Aware that they are one of the biggest barriers to order online, we offer you a great variety of simple and precise measurement systems. You can measure yourself with a measuring tape and our tutorials, you can have your measurements taken in more than 30 shops in Spain, you can use our new estimation method with height, weight and configuration, or even send us a suit that fits you well. You can see more of our measurement systems, here.
Can I use the measurements provided by my local tailor?
No. If your local tailor or a friend measures you, we recommend to follow our measurement guide in paper.
Is it reliable your measurement estimation system with configuration?
Yes. Our Exquisuits measurement estimation system has been done with the proportions of thousands of customers, and allows estimating your measurements simply by including your height, weight and configuration, avoiding you need to take measurements. The system offers great precision but obviously, everybody has small peculiarities so if you like great perfection we recommend to take measurements.
Is it true that after ordering a suit in Exquisuits your tailors will contact me to study my preferences and personal configuration?
That’s right. We contact all our customers to do a personalized study of their morphology and achieve a perfect fit of the garment.
What is the Webcam measurement system?
The webcam measurement system is a revolutionary system which automatically calculates your measurements using the webcam of your computer. For that purpose, the system will guide you with instructional videos so you only need to follow the indications and needed postures. You can receive more information here.
Can I send a suit of my property to obtain my measurements?
Yes. If you have a suit that fits you well you can send us so we can use it to obtain your measurements. More information here.
Can a friend take my measurements with a measuring tape?
Yes. Our measurement guide in paper has been designed so anyone be able to take your measurements without professional help. Only a measuring tape and follow the indications are needed.
Can I have my measurements taken in more than 30 shops in main spanish cities?
Yes. If you prefer to have your measurements taken you can go to traditional shops in the main cities of Spain and Andorra and qualified staff will measure you so you can easily order in Exquisuits. There are more than 30 shops available. More information and the whole listing of shops here.


Do you serve orders outside the European Union? Is there any custom charge associated?
Yes we serve outside EU, but this sort of orders can have special charges provided that each country includes duties to import, which are not included in the prices published in our website and normally are paid in cash by the receptor at the order delivery.
What is usual delivery time?
Our standard delivery time is 4 weeks. If it is your first order you better count 6 weeks provided that we should adjust your measurements.
Is it true that you offer me free delivery for custom garments?
Yes. we offer free delivery to our customers in custom garments. Accessories could have associated delivery costs that would be indicated in the shopping cart during the purchase.
Do you accept cash on delivery orders?
No. We are sorry but orders must be paid in the moment of ordering.


What is Exquisuits Money Back Guarantee?
Custom made products are not usually accompanied by guarantees, but from Exquisuits we would like to offer you maximum confidence to purchase your custom made suits online knowing that they will respond to promised quality in the website. If we fail to meet this promise, we will refund 100% of your purchase. You can visit the promise to our customers and conditions of the money back guarantee here.
Are all products covered by the money back guarantee?
The money back guarantee covers our premium suits collections made in Europe. On each collection and fabric sheet it will be indicated those products covered by the money back guarantee. Rest of the products dispose of credits for alterations and our compromise to remake the garment in the case it could not be adapted.
¿What are credits for alterations?
Although our products are manufactured by expert tailors with your exact measurements, it is possible that occasionally slight adjustments are needed, so we have established credits for alterations up to 35 € to cover the expenses of them in your local tailor or alterations shop. In the hypothetical case that the suit could not be adapted, we would remake it free for you (Remakes can only be made once).
Which is the alteration cost covered by Exquisuits?
Credits for alterations are 35 € for suits, 25 € for jackets, 10 € for pants y 15 € for waistcoats.
How can I ask for the alteration credit payment?
After doing the alterations needed in your local tailor, ask for the corresponding invoice and send it to us via e-mail within the 20 days period after the purchase. We will pay for them up to the amounts covered by our alteration credits.
What if my order could not be adapted?
In the hypothetical case that the suit could not be adapted, we would remake it for you (Remakes can only be made once). For that purpose, contact with Exquisuits within a 15 days period after the reception of your order, and wait our indications to send us back the garment.
Is there a limit time to be able to access the credits for alterations?
Yes. 20 days for alteration credits and 15 days for garment remakes.
Have you got any agreement with alteration shops where I can go to?
Yes. In the Tailor&Co shops you will have a special discount if you identify yourself as Exquisuits client. You have the listing of available shops here.


Is it secure the payment in Exquisuits?
Yes. Exquisuits does not store any banking or credit card data of customers, taking payments place directly in the bank payment gateway with secure payments protocols.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept credit card payments, banking transfer and paypal.
Which currency is used for transactions?
The currency used for transactions is euro in continental europe and pounds in uk.
Are taxes included in the price published?
Yes, VAT is included in published prices. If exceptionally were not included, it would be indicated in price + VAT 21% applicable. Depending on the purchasers country authorities can may have special charges including duties to import, which are not included in the prices published in our website and normally are paid in cash by the receptor at the order delivery.
Do you offer sales periods or discount coupons?
No. We do not have sales periods, and we do not offer discount coupons provided that we offer interesting collections of selected fabrics with very special prices.
Do you offer special conditions for companies?
Yes. We have an “Intranet Partners” programme with special conditions for companies. Ask for more info if you like.
Have you got gift cards available?
You can contact us to do a present and we will prepare a gift card for you.
Why are different prices in establishment and online?
Online prices benefit from a 25% discount provided that levels of service are different, requiring physical attention more dedication and fittings.
Do you accept order returns?
Exquisuits does not accept return of custom made products, provided that they are manufactured exclusively for each customer. In the case of standard products, you could proceed with returns within a 7 natural days period having the customer the obligation to cover the expenses derived of the return.
Can I cancel out part or the whole order once the payment is done?
Orders can be cancelled in part or totally in the 24 hours posterior to the order. Customer will cover the banking expenses derived of that cancellation. With Posterity to that period, orders could not be cancelled.